Posted Apr-7

Sr Full Stack / Frontend Engineer (React / Typescript / Javascript, possibly Kotlin / Java / Postgres)


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Anywhere (100% Remote) Only

full stack

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Job Description

We are looking for senior developers to join our team - either as a frontend developer (React + Typescript + JS) or full stack (including Kotlin or Java, optionally Python, ElasticSearch, Postgres). 

You'll be working in a small and cohesive remote team, focused on efficiently delivering high quality product to our user base. This can be salaried or contract, but full time hours are a requirement. We're flexible on working hours, offer good benefits, and promote a collaborative / creative working culture. We're a mature startup, so the work/life balance is good - no late nights or weekends required.

Please submit a recent resume, and (if you have it) a link to any work that you have online.