Posted Mar-30

Software Architect / Code Reviewer / Mentor - Part-time at Arcanys


Source: StackOverflow



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Job Description

Arcanys is a Philippines-based software outsourcing company.


  • The role is mainly to train and develop junior Javascript developers

  • Do regular code reviews on training and possibly live projects

  • Write and explain best practices to junior developers

  • Curate and develop content for the junior developers

  • Research and remain up to date with new technologies

  • Possibility to do architect-level work in some projects down the road


  • At least 8 years working experience in software development

  • Must be an expert with Javascript + Node.js and either Angular/React/Vue.js

  • Preferably with a background in teaching, or coaching/mentoring developers

  • Solid written and verbal communication skills in English (all employees are speaking English)