Posted Mar-29

Site Reliability Engineer - AWS at Mashtraxx


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Job Description


The opportunity

We are looking for people to join our team of developers to help us create the most exciting user experience. We are building the future of social networks and video platforms with cutting edge technology while growing our users base at a fast pace.

If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and want to build a great product with great technology please join us.

The role

We are creating a team of technology enthusiasts who can choose the right tool for the job and prioritise creating a great product over any particular stack (language, DBs, etc.)

We are looking for an SRE with an itch for standardization and automation. Thorough custodian of the production environment, with a mindset to foresee and prevent issues.

Chase whatever issue arises up to its solution, making sure that we deeply understand its root cause and set the system in such a way that it will no longer happen.

Documentation should be a fundamental step in setting up and maintaining the environment. Every cog in our systems should be monitored with baselines periodically adjusted.

Collaboration, open mindedness in a team catering for constructive (self)criticism.

Working with us you will:

  • Build exciting new features

  • Improve performance of existing features

  • Design solutions to that can scale globally

  • Help the dev teams debugging and deploying new projects

  • Automate anything that can be automated

What we are looking for:

  • Ability to design cloud-native solutions

  • Ability to design solutions that scale up (define resources, scalable components, etc.)

  • Ability to design and implement APIs

  • Interest in learning new technologies (databases, languages, design techniques)

  • Understanding of automation mechanism

  • Interest in writing high quality code that adhere to best practice

  • Enjoy decreasing the response times of the endpoints

Our stack:

Servers: EC2, EKS, GKS, GAE, Lambda
Databases: Postgres, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, BigQuery, Mysql, Firestore, Redis
Languages: Python, Golang, Java, Elixir, Javascript
CI/CD and automation: Jenkins, Gitlab, Terraform, ansible
Other technology: SQS, Kinesis, gRPC, Protobuf, Restful APIs, Kafka, Microservices, Cloudwatch, Prometheus, Grafana