Posted Feb-16

Senior Software Engineer - React.js for PWA - Work 4 days a week at Laminar


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Job Description

Come and shake up a $1.3 trillion industry. Our mission is to be the digital backbone of the construction industry. Our SaaS enhances the way people collaborate on construction sites.

  • Join our team of 10 developers (and growing).

  • Work 4 days a week - This makes life more balanced and productive.

  • Work in 6 weeks cycles - following Basecamp’s Shape Up model.

  • Be a part of the most transformative software ever seen on a construction site.

  • Use the latest technologies such as ReactJS and give offline capability to our PWAs’ users.

  • Have a big influence on the direction of the products.

  • Remote first - We work remote as default, and will treat our office as a community centre.

Who we are (We are pretty serious about this part!)

We are self-funded by our own construction consultancy business which means we have time to do things right and have full control over what we do and when.

The construction industry is one of the least digitised industries. This deters its ability to improve productivity.

We are building Resolve to fix that!

Our solution has world-class UX and human-centred design. We allow users to solve problems on the ground, while we collect site data. We will then perform advanced analytics using AI and Machine Learning to help deliver projects more effectively.

The next bit may seem a bit dramatic but our team exists so that we can work in a community that:

  • Connects us with meaningful relationships

  • Inspires us to develop ourselves to become better humans

  • Empowers us to learn new things just for the fun of it

 With this we can achieve the highest levels of value for the customer, the industry and the world.

What are we looking for?

  •  You have extensive experience in Javascript and React.

  • You know the difference between npm and yarn.

  • You’re an experienced developer who follows best practices.

  • You’re a leader and want to develop those around you.

  • A passion for making things modular and future-proof.

  • You’re a problem solver, always looking for better ways to do things (you’ve probably written scripts to automate all kinds of tasks!).

  • You like to be involved in the whole life-cycle of developing features, from planning to deployment

  • Hands on. Persistent. Patient. Creative.

Why join us?

  • Full time pay but 4 day work week!

  • Performance/capability related salary - Pure meritocracy

  • We care about people (see previous section!) - We aren't a company, we are a team

  • Working closely with the founders in a tight knit team

  • You will be supported to excel in whichever areas you are most interested in. We think development should be unbounded!

Come and work with us! Send an email to

We get hundreds of applications, so please include a short summary/cover letter explaining why you want to join us. We aren't a giant faceless corporation, we care about the people who want to join our team so all letters will be read by one of the founders.