Posted Feb-16

Senior Full Stack Engineer


Source: WeWorkRemotely

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Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to join our team. Here, you will take complete, end-to-end ownership of projects across the entire stack. Our ideal candidate has experience building products across the full LAMP stack and a firm understanding of web frameworks, APIs, databases, and multiple back-end languages. You’ll be joining a small team working at the forefront of new technology, solving the challenges that impact both the front end and back end architecture, and ultimately, deliver amazing global user experiences.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Work across the full stack, building highly scalable distributed solutions that enable positive user experiences and measurable business growth
  • Develop new features and infrastructure development in support of rapidly emerging business and project requirements
  • Assume leadership of new projects from conceptualization to deployment while communicating project needs effectively
  • Ensure application performance, uptime, and scale, maintaining high standards of code quality and thoughtful application design
  • Work with agile development methodologies, adhering to best practices and pursuing continued learning opportunities

What you’ll need to succeed:

  • 5+ years of experience in Laravel/PHP
  • Prior Unit Test experience
  • Agile Development experience
  • Experience with version control
  • Fluent in the LAMP stack environment
  • Understanding of MVC design patterns
  • Experiencing using Docker and Linux based environments
  • An organized and systematic approach to problem-solving
  • Comprehensive understanding of front-end technologies
  • Knowledge of HTTP, REST, OAuth, and other standards
  • Prior experience developing large scale public-facing systems