Posted Feb-18

Senior Backend Engineer at Kea


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Job Description

*this role is full-time, and fully-remote for folks in US, Canada, or Mexico only*

About the Role

kea is looking for an experienced backend software engineer to join our team to build enterprise software.

You will be responsible for translating product and design documents into working products, making long-term technical and architecture decisions, and setting up the organization for future backend engineers. As we are a young, small start-up, most work will be greenfield.

What your day-to-day might look like

  • Collaborating with other backend engineers and product engineers on architecting, designing, and implementing product features

  • Participating in architecture and technical decision making with the team

  • Designing algorithms, data structures, and software components

  • Writing, testing, reviewing code to implement product features

  • Participating in a scrum managed agile software development process

  • Contributing to ongoing process improvement for the development team

  • Participation in an on-call rotation to provide first-line support to operations teams.