Posted Apr-1

Remote Data Entry Analyst

Town of Halcott

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Job Description

    The Town of Halcott promotes the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the Town, the purpose of this district is to protect and maintain its rural character, including the agriculture, open space and scenic resources of Halcott. In addition, Town of Halcott was founded in 1985 when the town's post office merged with the post office in neighboring Fleischmanns located in Delaware County.


  • Research the status of claims, liens, mortgages and other financial obligations.
  • Assist delinquent tax filers set up debt repayment methods.
  • Maintain a detailed reporting of tax receivable.
  • Work with Tax Assessor in preparing and verifying commitment.
  • Resolve taxpayer complaints.
  • Prepare and direct tax sales.
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