Posted Mar-29

QA Automation Engineer with strong JS skills + experience with & Visual Diff Testing


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Anywhere (100% Remote) Only


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Job Description

Capbase is looking to hire a QA Automation Engineer on a project basis to build test coverage for our React web application.

  1. Able to communicate clearly in spoken and written English
  2. Experience using for automated tests
  3. Experience implementing visual diff testing, using or other similar tools
  4. Strong JavaScript programming skills (all our tests are written in JavaScript and we do not plan on introducing other programming languages into our tech stack)
  5. Experience working with CI/CD pipelines, especially AWS Codebuild
  6. Familiarity with React and/or React-Native
  7. Able to work to get this project done in the next 4-6 weeks
This job is fully remote and we are a 100% distributed team, working across several timezones with team members in North America, Europe and Asia. 

For now, we are looking to hire for this role on a contract / project basis. If we enjoy working together and the project goes smoothly, the role could become a full-time position later this year.

To apply, send an email to and include:
  1. Your resume
  2. A summary of your professional experience working with React applications, Cypress, visual diff testing and CI/CD frameworks
  3. Expected hourly pay rate
  4. Your availability in January / February / March