Posted Apr-5

Full-Stack Expert Symfony 4 Developer

BBE Marketing

Source: WeWorkRemotely

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Job Description

We are looking for a expert Symfony developer to help us in doing different tasks for our website. This person will be responsible for managing our database app, adding features, and doing fixes to it. Our app is built on Symfony 4 (backend), and Angular (front-end). Looking for a developer who is very efficient, and able to accomplish a lot within a period of time. The tasks include:

1. Developing new features
2. Making fixes and updates to app
3. Fixing errors
4. Monitoring and improving app security
5. Various back-end tasks
6. Optimizing speed of app

We will not consider your application if you don't have any public repositories, or private repositories that you can give us access to. We need to evaluate your coding abilities, and you would need to provide us links to your public repositories (we need to see code), not just website links.

**Must be fluent in English***