Posted Mar-29

Customer Support Team Leader

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Job Description

We are a multi-portfolio SaaS company looking for a responsible and fast-paced team leader to support our chat agents and help the team grow by managing the current process and systems. Some of our properties include:, ,

Key Responsibilities:

- Provide timely and constructive solutions and advice to customers and makes them feel they are fully understood.
- Exhibit flexibility and creativity in solving problems presented by customers, while remaining within the SOP guidelines.
- Share resources and information readily and makes sure customers feel that you are on their side.
- Address inquiries as quickly as possible and give explanations in case of delays.
- Put extra effort into following up with customers to ensure they are fully satisfied.
- Prioritize workload effectively based on the needs of customers.
- Probe for information when necessary.
- Handle escalations for technical issues and billing negotiations
- Log all bugs and feature requests in the tracking system.
- Performs additional tasks, such as monitoring recordings of users’ interactions with the site.
- Update the help center and internal documentation with new articles.
- Improve current KPIs and identify solutions for common customer problems
- Full ownership of the support help center documentation

Required Qualifications:

- Organizational Skills
- Experience in working in the customer service industry as a Team Leader or Manager
- Past experience in working with Project management platforms, Zendesk, Slack, and Intercom
- Critical thinker, able to exercise sound judgment.
- Ability to generate reports, identify team opportunities and create plans for improvement
- Past experience in managing and coaching CSRs, creating an acceptable glide path
- Generate reports, charts, and analysis for KPIs at the executive level
- Past basic sales experience with negotiating with custom pricing for customers

Target KPIs:

- Mean First Response Time
- CSR Conversation Ratings
- Number of escalations per month
- Product Bug Reports
- Weekly CSR Performance Review