Posted Apr-27

Chief of Staff

Factora LLC

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North America Only


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Job Description

Chief of Staff at Factora 
Skills: Tech-savvy, detail-oriented, entrepreneurial-minded
Location: Remote 

Are you confident in your ability to simplify email and calendar scheduling as well as stay on top of lots of moving pieces? If you’re motivated to manage our CEO’s schedule and help her thrive so she can stay focused on transforming women’s financial futures, keep reading…

Factora is a small (but mighty!) female-led company on a mission to lead 1 million women to $1 million in net worth. We teach repeatable steps to build wealth through our beautifully-designed, community-centered, “mini Masters” in personal finance, called the Wealth Circle.  We also get women talking about money--through our Coffee & Coin podcast, events, emails, and Instagram—because talking leads to doing.

Women make 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions…yet make up only 8% of investors. That means women are missing out on millions of dollars throughout their lifetimes due to this extreme gender investment gap. That’s why we are taking matters into our own hands and helping to create more female millionaires--so we can spark the change we want to see in the world: helping thousands of women take charge of their money, become wealthier, and build the lives they’ve always wanted.

  • Be the "Swiss army knife" assistant to our CEO, responsible for organizing her day so that she can stay focused on being the company’s strategic leader and visionary.
  • Become part of an early-stage company that’s revolutionizing women’s finances and focused on bringing social good to all women’s lives.
  • Join a compassionate team that cares about your financial, physical, and mental well-being.

  • 10-20 hour/week contract role with the opportunity for additional hours and growth 
  • Schedule calls & meetings and be the gatekeeper to the CEO’s time
  • Take meeting minutes and create standard operating procedures wherever possible
  • Manage email, contracts & g-drive organization
  • Manage podcast guest booking, prep & follow up
  • Send follow ups for networking contacts and events
  • Overall calendar coordination 
  • Ordering weekly team lunch and personal meal planning
  • Set personal appointments
  • Prep travel from booking flights to creating itineraries
  • Assist with additional miscellaneous tasks as needed such as ordering/returning items 

  • A self-starter who is fearlessly committed to creating solutions.
  • Someone who thrives in creating standard operating procedures & is detail oriented.
  • Someone who can transform a disorganized situation into something streamlined and optimized.
  • Someone who is great at asking qualifying questions so they know what they need in order to complete the task from start to finish without much hand-holding.
  • A tech-savvy guru (experience with Kajabi, Zoom, Zapier, Slack, and Asana is a plus!) who is ruthlessly organized.
  • A mission-driven human who is interested in personal finance and helping other women succeed.

  • Those that need a lot of direction and structure to complete a project.
  • Those that don’t adapt well to change.
  • Those that have a hard time hitting tight deadlines.

Factora is not your average company—we always make sure our team members have plenty of freedom and flexibility to live their best lives, recharge, and have fun on this journey together.

If you have the creativity and skills required to manage and develop digital products like courses and a monthly membership--this could be the right position for you.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Allegra, a former New York City fashion turned personal finance maven. After college I followed a pretty typical route many women experience and spent the first decade of my career being overworked and underpaid.  After years of struggling financially, I learned the hard way how to negotiate my salary, and eventually did it so well I became a salary negotiation coach to help other women advocate for their earning potential too. 

Suddenly I was making A LOT more money but I was also starting to spend A LOT more money and acquiring lifestyle debt. How could this be?! I realized that despite making more I didn’t understand how to save or invest my income. I tried talking to friends and colleagues but it seemed everyone was having the same issues and were too scared to talk about it.

Therein began my financial revolution to where I am today. I dove head-first into learning as much as I could about personal finance and investing. After a few years, I uprooted my life to Austin, TX to accelerate my wealth building goals. Soon thereafter I would galvanize a community of women who were also interested in becoming financially-savvy and Factora was born. Now all our lives are forever changed.

Three years later, I’m the CEO of the fastest growing women’s wealth-building network in the US, with a small but mighty team of incredible people by my side. Factora has over 400 customers, 3K monthly podcast downloads, 5K Instagram followers, and is on pace to double all these metrics by the end of 2021.  

We’d love YOU to help get us to the next level. 

  • Use this link to submit your application
  • Be prepared to:
  • 1. Upload an interest letter + your resume. 
  • In your interest letter, explain in less than 500 words 1.) Why you want to work for the CEO of Factora and 2.) Why you’d be the best fit for this role. 
  • Please submit your interest letter and resume as one combined pdf document, with the interest letter as the first page. 
  • Please name the file in this format: FirstName_LastName_JobTitle

  • 10-20 hours/week
  • $18-35/hr commensurate with experience paid in USD